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Psychedelics and Ancestral Healing


A course taught by Jasmine Mazlumyan, MFT. This segment is from the Third Eye Doula Psychedelic Practitioners Training Program. We cover how to incorporate Ancestral Healing within Sacred Medicine ceremony, whether you are holding space for yourself or for others. My intention with this course is to guide you through deepening your relationship with your lineages, healing intergenerational trauma, and personal empowerment and ritual. We cover: Connecting with your Ancestors Integenerational Trauma and Epigenetics Ancestral Remembrance + Collecting Stories Healing our Lineages Building Relationship with your Ancestors Ancestral Rituals Weaving Ancestral Healing with Psychedelic Medicine Communing With Your Ancestors Potential Challenges

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  • Jasmine Mazlumyan, MFT

    Jasmine Mazlumyan, MFT




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