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somatic counseling

Integrative Somatic Therapy

Fostering Resilient Nervous Systems

Focused on enhancing your well-being and building resilience within your nervous system, which in turn helps you navigate life and relationships from a balanced and empowered state.


Somatic Therapy is also a deeply supportive way to Integrate Psychedelic Experiences as well as any altered state experiences. 

"Resilience is defined as an ability to flexibly adapt to challenging, adverse, or traumatic life events. This ability to “bounce back” from traumatic events is deeply connected to having the opportunity to work through difficult life experiences.


Resilience is not a trait that you either have or do not have; it is a set of strategies that can be learned and practiced"

- Dr. Arielle Schwartz

Somatic Therapy helps you deepen your relationship with your body, mind, and spirit.


When working with the Nervous System, a lot can be revealed to you. Not only your pains and traumas but also your strengths.

I help you integrate your shadow by building the capacity in your system to look at it straight in the eye.

Once you have the capacity and the skills to self-regulate, we go deeper and the transformations start happening in your relationships, your work and your self.

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