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Psychedelic Harm Reduction

One of my core values when it comes to working with powerful Sacred Medicine is Safety. As a Psychotherapist, I’m bound by strong Ethical standards and I hold those true in all aspects of my work. Here are some foundations for a safe and supportive journey when preparing to work with Mind Altering Substances.

Know Your Source and Test Your Product

This comes up often in my conversations. Talk to people or professionals in your community who have experience with the sources you are considering. Try to get to know the person you are obtaining your medicine from, what are their values, how do they show up in the world? The conversation you have with your source should be very transparent. Test your material by purchasing a test kit from DanceSafe.Org

Have a Guide or Companion

exploring with friends, companions, trip buddies

Choose an experienced friend or a *Qualified Professional* to be with you during your journey. To Clarify a “Qualified Professional” is subjective. Many are popping into the market calling themselves “coaches” “guides” etc.. It is an uncontrolled Market. In the US there are NO legal “Guides” except in research settings and controlled clinics. However, there are people out there who have wonderful experience guiding others and with altered states themselves.

Choose someone who can possibly offer you referrals, is clinically trained to hold space, and who you feel safe with.


Prep ahead of time to ensure you can fully let go into your experience. Cancel plans, tell those close to you you’ll be off the grid. Turn off your cell-phone and all technology and avoid travel at all costs. Purchase snacks and pre-made nourishing food ahead of time. Have cozy blankets and sacred items with you.


Take time before your journey to assess your intentions and expectations. Talk to a professional if you are concerned about mental health conditions or medications. Your frame of mind is important and so is the timing. You may know internally when the timing is right for you. Don’t force it. If you have had a recent traumatic event, wait and seek professional support before diving into a deep journey.


A lot of energy can be focused on the preparation and build up to the journey. In our busy, hustle and bustle world, allow yourself spaciousness after your journey to integrate and process. If possible, take a few days off. Journey, meditate, go out in nature, do art, seek an integration therapist or coach. Often times after a medicine journey it can take months or even years to fully integrate your experience.


Life and your surroundings can be very different after a profound experience. Seek community and people that you can relate to and openly share your experience with. There are many support groups available online as well as Psychedelic Experienced Therapists.

Wishing you a safe and beautiful journey. If you ever want to know more, please feel free to reach out!


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