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Sacred Medicine

Integration + Ceremony + Microdosing

Whether you're an avid traveler or it's your first time with the medicine, I'd love to support your journey.

I'm passionate about the power of Psychedelics to expand the human potential, to heal and build inner resilience and inspire reciprocity. 

Recent studies show promising impacts of Psychedelic Therapy on treating PTSD and Depression. Psilocybin (aka Magic Mushrooms) have been shown to treat depression, end of life anxiety as well as have a  significant impact on overall improvement in one's life.

Sacred Medicines are a gift and responsibility. They are powerful tools that can be used in conjunction with Therapy and with proper guidance can have a lasting impact on your life and well-being.

I welcome you to reach out below.


Let's Create Alchemy

Integration Coaching

Post Journey Support

A Medicine journey can leave you with a lot of confusing feelings and open ended questions. My Integration coaching sessions are held through a Therapeutic and Somatic framework, which can help you understand your experience and support you towards embodied changes in your life. Each sessions is 50 minutes long and can be held virtually over Zoom or in person in San Francisco, CA.

Integration Coaching Investment

4 Sessions : $800

6 Sessions :  $1140

Sacred Medicine Ceremony

1 on 1 Deep Expansion Journey

This offering provides:

- Two 50 minute sessions to help prepare for your Medicine Ceremony (in addition to Consultation & Medical History)

- A personalized and curated Ceremony. Including Guidance, Food and Safe Setting for your Medicine Journey

- Two 50 minute Integration sessions (via Zoom or in person) designed to help you understand your journey and give you tools and a roadmap for what's ahead.

Sacred Medicine Ceremony Investment


Medicine Retreats and Programs

Coming Soon!

Creative Group Experiences

Microdosing Support

Sacred Supplement Starter Kit

Microdosing sacred plant based supplements is a great way to enhance focus, creativity, mental clarity and potentially relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety. They can support healing by through accessing inner subconscious realms and building self-awareness and mindfulness.

This Offering Includes:

- 1 Month Sacred Supplement supply

- 50 Min Initiation Ritual

- 50 min Integration Session + Voice support on Signal

- Getting Started Guide, Supportive Resources 

- Journal Prompts and Integration Tools

Microdosing Support Investment: $444

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