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Helping ambitious people bring spirit, mindfulness and ease into their lives

Therapy for Executives and Professionals

Serving San Francisco, Bay Area and Online throughout California

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Your work is rewarding but you’re craving meaning, spiritual depth, and connection...

It might be challenging to think that someone like you, a high-achieving Executive and professional, might be looking for therapy.


You’re highly capable, able to solve complex problems, lead diverse teams, and manage a variety of projects with a lot of responsibility.

You have a high impact life and are successful at what you do. In fact, people look up to you and you’re proud of how far you’ve come - but you can’t shake this feeling.. 

You find yourself not sleeping well and are often stressed, experiencing anxiety and sadness.. Worried that your relationships are suffering. 

Your greatest fear? “what if i fail?” 

How did you get here?
What can you do to learn and grow from it all?

In order to become a great leader, learn to lead yourself…

Cultivating self-leadership by

developing your emotional, physical,

mental, and spiritual well-being.. 


You deserve a healthy, balanced life and relationships that are satisfying, complementary and rewarding. 

As a conscientious leader, you value self growth and are passionate about what you do! You deserve a place where you can slow down and be 100% committed to your goals (personal and professional). 


Therapy doesn’t have to be a place where you’re diagnosed or put into a box. It can be a place where ALL OF YOU is welcome and you are encouraged to grow into a dynamic and THRIVING individual. 


It is a place where you are inspired to be a better leader, and set a strong example for those around you

 Together we can help you create:

  • Sustainable and rewarding relationships, 

  • Deeper Spiritual meaning in your life

  • Understanding Your Values and Create a Life that reflects them..

  • Learn Mindfulness and other skills to help manage stress and burnout. 

  • Creating a fulfilling life AND career 

  • Not be controlled by negative emotions thoughts, allowing my ease and flow 

  • Have time for yourself and feel lighter, more flexible


I can help you move from being stuck and overwhelmed towards new potential, balance and wholeness.

As someone who’s been in the role of a C-Suite partner, I understand what it’s like. I’ve been there, I’ve walked into back-to-back meetings, I’ve worked late, long hours and in turn have experienced burnout, my health decline,  and my relationships suffer...


Though my work was very rewarding, I knew I had to invest in myself to make all my hard work worth it and bring balance into my life. 


Therapy is an amazing place to give yourself the time and space you deserve. A place to reflect, restructure and bring balance and wholeness into your life. 

It is so possible for you!

I’ve seen it time and time again in my practice. Once busy, high achievers give themselves this space and time, their lives begins to feel so much better and even see their work thrive in unimaginable ways.


You become a better leader, more creative, your work relationships become more manageable and that leads to immense changes in your growth and business. 

Together we can create something new for you. 

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